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Private Shuttle Service

Shuttling your bikes out and riding back on the trail allows you to see more trail because you are not riding out and back.  And the grade coming back from Tunnel #3 is down hill making for an easier ride. 

>Don't have to wait as others are being dropped off at different locations along the trail.

>We will come pick you up at the caboose or where you are staying.  

>Ford F150 4-door pickup holds up to 4 bikes and up to 4 passengers.  AC comfort and clean. 


We take extra care of your bikes and equipment!

PRIVATE Shuttle Prices*  (per person & bike)

Norwalk    $25  (11miles)(1 hour ride)--easy (see the largest tunnel)...ideal for older, less fit riders or families with small kids riding their own bikes

Wilton        $30    (17miles)(1.5 hour ride)--moderate (see 2 tunnels)...for families with kids over 10

Kendall    $35  (26miles) (3-4 hour ride)--advanced (see all 3 tunnels)...long ride...can be done by novice riders but would need to take breaks

Elroy    $40 (32miles) (3.5-5 hour ride)--advanced...6 miles longer than Kendall.  You can say you rode the Whole Trail!

   * $100 minimum charge.    Cash price...thank you.
   * Additional $5 each bike if not staying at Caboose Cabin.


e-mail Dave at  or call 608-269-0444 to arrange your private shuttle. 


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